Understanding the Crypto Franchising Model

By: Crypto-Franchise Inc. | 28 Apr 2018

The concept of franchising is widely understood mostly for retail food businesses and other offline businesses and it is definitely new for the cryptocurrency and blockchain world. Before now, most internet companies rarely adopted the franchising model but the inception of crypto decentralizes everything. Crypto pushes a value to the edge of the network. Some of the best crypto companies are already adopting the franchising model to maximize reach and probability of fulfilling their respective visions, which will, in turn, accelerate returns to token holders and maximize profit.

The Crypto Franchising Model

The crypto franchising model is no much different from the traditional franchising model.
Crypto franchising opens up a world of opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to make an impact in the world through cryptocurrency, but lack the knowledge and resources to get started. Let's take an instance where you are looking at opening up a crypto exchange company but don't have the knowledge and technical know-how on how to go about it. The crypto franchising model is your best bet to getting started. The franchising organisation simplifies and standardizes everything. You will get full support & training on using the software, energy trading, balancing, forecasting, dispatching and not just for you, the owner, but for your entire team.
Choosing the franchise route also means that you also get access to a proven strategy and business plan, and the rights to use an established brand that may already have name recognition and may run its own advertising campaigns that you can benefit from. But you do have to pay a fee to purchase this franchise which most times requires a huge amount of funds. This is where crypto-franchise Inc. comes into play.

The Role of Crypto-franchise Inc. in Franchising

Crypto-Franchise Inc is an initiative put together by a group of high ranking franchisees in collaboration with franchisors all over the world.  It was founded with the sole goal of bringing franchising opportunities through investments to everyone regardless of financial status and geographic location. Crypto-Franchise Inc has streamlined franchising, making it low capital intensive, convenient and secure.

It is import to note that we do not only provide franchising opportunities through the crypto franchise means but also through traditional franchising means. The name "Crypto" defines the Crypto franchising model that is also adopted. Purchasing a Mac Donald's franchise should require over $50,000 as start-up funds. In this case, we play a vital role in franchising by streamlining this cost and presenting this investment opportunity to everyone irrespective of cost and location.
In other words, you could see this as franchising made easy.

You too can invest in a franchise with just a few steps. Read our guide to getting started. If you have any questions all answers are available at our help centre.

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